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About Jonesville

The City of Jonesville is located in south central Michigan about 20 miles due north of the border where Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana meet. It was founded in 1828 as a stopping place along a path the Indians called the “Sauk Trail”. In later years it was referred to as the “Old Chicago Trail” and the “Military Road.” Today, Jonesville is at the crossroads of highways US-12 and M-99 and has a population of about 2,400.

Jonesville is known for the large industrial park that employs many residents from around the area. Once a major parts supplier to the auto industry, diversification has adjusted production to other segments of the economy as well. A talented and well-educated workforce has made Jonesville a draw for new industry.
Education has always been important in Jonesville. The first “Free School” in Michigan was in Jonesville as was the first school district with a defined curriculum. The longest continuously operated primary school building in Michigan is currently being used as Jonesville Middle School. A thoroughly modern high school opened in 2001. With the “school of choice” available to all county residents, Jonesville has become the leader in out-of-district students due to this modern facility and diverse scholastic offerings.

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